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Skunkworks Dance Fall 2022 Halloween Dance Short Film

Skunkworks Dance Fall 2022 Halloween Dance Short Film Happy Halloween from Skunkworks Dance!!! We are thrilled to premiere our annual Halloween Dance Short Film featuring 8 members of our E.T.A. and Y.A.W. Performance Program companies! This year, our inspiration was "The Addams Family" meets "Beetlejuice". This satirical, funny and quirky dance film is Halloween perfection at its finest. The film was choreographed and directed by Skunkworks' Founder Jana Bennett and filmed and edited by Faculty Daniel Williams. It was shot at the incredible Woman's Club of Wilmette, and it features really spaghetti... yum! Each semester, members of our Performance Program get the opportunity to participate in a professional dance film! Dance for camera has become an integral performance medium within today's dance world. At Skunkworks, our dancers get to learn the ins and outs of dance film creation, and watch how their movement shifts with this unique and current skill set of knowledge. Skunkworks Dance leads the way within innovative dance programming for young artists. Dancers grades 2-12 can become a member of our Performance Program for our Winter / Spring 2023 season by auditioning for the company on Saturday, August 12 - link in bio. Fall 2022 Halloween Short Choreography | Director: Jana Bennett Video | Edit: Daniel Williams Dancers: Skunkworks Dance E.T.A. & Y.A.W. Performance Program Members - Eleanor, Emmeline, Emily, Ingrid, Meg, Meir, Piper, Sammy Special thanks to the Woman's Club of Wilmette for allowing us to use your beautiful space, and Linda Watson for your assistance on set.
I Don't Wanna Talk, I Just Wanna Dance | A Zombified Dance Film by Skunkworks Dance

I Don't Wanna Talk, I Just Wanna Dance | A Zombified Dance Film by Skunkworks Dance

"I Don't Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)" Choreography | Direction | Concept: Jana Bennett Video | Edit: Daniel Williams Music: Glass Animals Dancers: Members of Skunkworks Fall 2021 Performance Program ABOUT In a time where youth activities have struggled to find their groove, local Wilmette dance studio - Skunkworks Dance - puts inventive thinking at the forefront by leading the way in unique activities that inspire hope, confidence and bring JOY to their dancers and community. In their most recent endeavor, Skunkworks will premiere this mini-dance film "I Don't Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)" for Halloween on Monday, October 25. See video attached above. The Zombie-themed 1 minute and 30 seconds film was shot with 12 dancers ages 7-15 and COVID-19 safety in mind! The entire dance is one single shot, so everything had to be directed and choreographed to SCARY perfection. Inspired by "Thriller", Skunkworks' latest dance short gives you the ultimate spookiness and wicked fun all rolled into one EPIC video. This film can be performed live as well! Skunkworks Dance began its first studio season in February 2020. Skunkworks was founded on the concepts of innovation, celebrating individuality and providing the most current pre-professional dance training. As we all know what proceeds in March 2020, Skunkworks willingness to be ultra creative, pivot and work tirelessly to put dancer engagement first allowed them to create youth programming that could thrive even during the most difficult of times! Since opening, Skunkworks Dance has made over 20 professional dance films and celebrated their first live performance "BURNING DOWN the HOUSE" this past Spring.


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Hear the story behind Skunkworks Dance, discover the classes and curriculum offered at Skunkworks, learn the new scientific-backed reason why Skunkworks Dance will not offer any summer intensives this year, and find out why we LOVE our local community. All in this special Welcome to Wilmette: Skunkworks Dance feature!


Our Story

Skunkworks is an immersive learning experience unlike any other where pre-professional dance is approached with innovation and inclusivity. Our dancers enjoy the rigor of the program while feeling supported and praised for their individuality. The Skunkworks Dancer is thoughtful, free from judgement and encouraged to take risks discovering internal confidence and their best self.   

Skunkworks Dance was founded in August of 2018 by Jana Bennett. Prior to Skunkworks as a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer and studio director, Jana noticed there were discrepancies between what was being asked of dancers within the professional dance world and what was offered within dance studios. Particularly, Jana found that the styles, choreography and performance structures in most youth dance training were very different from what she and her friends were experiencing within their professional careers.


Additionally, she felt there was a lot of room for industry change in how dance training could be approached to be more engaging and holistic physically, mentally and emotionally for students. 

It was on these ideas that Skunkworks was created. Jana envisioned a studio that would always be exploring, developing and constantly working to bring the day's most current styles, choreography, performance and teaching approaches to the students.