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GRADES 2 - 12



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Reimagined for the world of today, Skunkworks Performance Program provides exceptionally innovative performance opportunities, individualized pre-professional training and a wonderful community of fellow artists. For dancers ready to level up their dance journey, this is the program they have been waiting for!


Learn more about our live and film performances below!


Fall 2022 - Performance Program Show Series

Skunkworks Dance Performance Program's innovative show, Cooper, premiered in December 2022. The show fictionalized the events of one of America's greatest unsolved mysteries through dance. Cooper was a fun and immersive show with a little bit of whimsy.

Cooper took the audience on a journey through inspiring movement and visual art. The narrative show featured 28 dancers and choreography from Skunkworks Faculty.

A Day on a Train

Fall 2022 - K.I.T. Film

A Day on a Train celebrates an incredible year of dance and featuring 11 of our K.I.T. Performance Program Dancers (with 2 guest appearances by SkunkLEAD dancers!).


This dance film will take you on an emotional ride! Set to "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, "A Day on a Train" reminds us all of the importance of family, community and friendship. This beautiful, fun and EPIC dance film is one you will want to watch from start to finish. 

Halloween Feast

Fall 2022 - Y.A.W. & E.T.A. Film

We are thrilled for you to see our Halloween Dance Short Film featuring 8 members of our E.T.A. and Y.A.W. Performance Program companies!

This for this film, our inspiration was "The Addams Family" meets "Beetlejuice". This satirical, funny and quirky dance film is Halloween perfection at its finest. The film was choreographed and directed by Skunkworks' Founder Jana Bennett and filmed and edited by Faculty Daniel Williams. It was shot at the incredible Woman's Club of Wilmette, and it features really spaghetti... yum!


Winter / Spring 2022 - Performance Program Show Series

n(u)ew is a full length work that explored the facade people create for themselves externally and the vulnerability within. The work takes place at a 1920's inspired party with jazz music, slick moves, striking costumes and a creative original story. Audience members sit on 3 sides around the dancers for an immersive and intimate visual experience. 

n(u)ew premiered in June of 2022 at the Woman's Club of Wilmette.


Winter / Spring 2022 - Performance Program Film

Community, a dance film created to signify our gratitude for our incredible Skunkworks Dance and local community. In February of 2020, we began our Skunkworks journey debuting the dance studio of the future, and we could have not made it this far with the love and support of the Skunkworks Dance community!


We want to show our thanks to YOU. "Community" is for every dancer, parent, friend and person who has supported Skunkworks Dance in any little way. You are the light that helps to keep Skunkworks shining!

Community features dancers from our Y.A.W., E.T.A. and K.I.T. companies.

Kids in America

Fall 2021 - Performance Program Show Series

Kids in America is a FUN and moving work that explores coming of age into an imperfect world, discovering your voice and ability to create positive change! Incorporating multimedia and a variety of music from today's hits to oldie favorites, this dance takes the audience on a ride that feels very current and revolves around a narrative that will hit home with every audience member. Kids in America is uplifting, inspiring and hopeful for the future! 

Kids in America premiered in November 2021 at the Kenilworth Assembly Hall.


Fall 2021 - Performance Program Film Series

Skunkworks' brought 5 Performance Program members to the beautiful Kenilworth Assembly Hall to create new video series "REcorD". 

Dancers were lead through guided improvisation as directed by Founder Jana Bennett with film concept, video and editing by Faculty Daniel Williams. This project was a true collaboration between all artistic parties present. Honoring, developing and celebrating individuality is at the heART of our Skunkworks Performance Program..