Turning difficult moments into positive learning opportunities. 


At SkunkWorks, we understand that as a youth dancer hard days do occur resulting in unusual and/or poor behavior. Therefore, we employ “The SkunkWorks Support Method” as a way to encourage each dancer in healthy self-reflection and second chances.  Creating a safe environment where all students can have an incredible learning experience free from disruption, judgement, bullying or any other inappropriate behavior is imperative to our studio. 


We believe that in times of conflict the idea of “punishment” can contribute to negative self-esteem and often cyclical behavior. Instead, it is our goal to support our dancers not only through their moments of prosper, but through the days of confusion, conflict and hardship as well. We do have specific actions we take in response to a student’s choices. These are important steps needed to support and create healthy open relationships with our students.


As faculty, we may speak with clarity and directness, but we will never yell or demean a student. We hold our students to the highest of standards no matter if they are brand new or have danced with us for a long time. We see these tough moments as wonderful learning opportunities for the student to be introspective and thoughtful about their choices.


We seek to embolden our dancers with the understanding that they have the power to change moments of conflict into positive resolution. Our goal is for every SkunkWorks student to come out of difficult situations feeling proud that they were able to create change within themselves.


1. Teacher issues a warning verbalizing the conflict or disruptive behavior to the student. 


2. Teacher encourages the student to make positive choices through verbal and visual cues. 


3. If conflict or behavior continues, the teacher will pull the student aside and quietly inform them that they need some time for self-reflection. The student will receive a  5 minute cool-off period to sit and watch class. 


4.  After student’s cool-off period is over and they are allowed to participate in class again, if conflict or unruly behavior continues, the student will be asked to leave class for the day. Student will be released to the parent if present or parent will be called to pick up student if they are not present. 


5. SkunkWorks Director will call parent or guardian within 48 hours if a student receives a cool-off period directive or they were asked to leave class to discuss the class day, answer any questions the parent or guardian may have, and explore additional ways the student can be supported both at home and in studio. If your child is asked to leave class that day,  please do not try to have a conversation with the teacher in that moment, as it is important that the teacher is able to stay focused on the class in session.



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