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All students must have completed the registration process in full before attending class. This process includes turning in a completed Registration Form and Release Agreement to or to a SkunkWorks' staff member in person, and payment of student tuition in full.

If the Registration Form and the Release Agreement have not been completed and turned in, or the tuition due was not paid in full, the student will not be allowed in class. NO EXCEPTIONS.


At SkunkWorks we love celebrating the uniqueness and individuality that each of our dancers embody, so we are not a studio that has a set leotard color or boxed in dress code for our students. Overall, we want our dancers to feel comfortable and confident, and feel empowered in expressing their own style! 

Though while we are pro-stylistic expression, we are still a dance studio first, so to create a safe and productive environment for all of our students, our dances must abide by some basic dress code rules. Click the button below for the specifications per class style and level.


At SkunkWorks, it is imperative that each student is placed in a class where they can flourish, which is why we have a 3 Class Trial Period. 


Within this time period, our faculty will assess if the class is the right fit for the student. Among other criteria, SkunkWorks staff assess students based on their mind / body connection, physicality, technical mastery, ability to focus, behavioral tendencies, work ethic and respond to direction.


If the teacher deems that the class is not a fit for the student within the 3 Class Trial Period, their parent or guardian will be immediately contacted and informed. When possible, SkunkWorks will recommend a class that should be a better fit. If student decides to enroll in the recommended class, the 3 Class Trial Period will commence again with the new class. 

In the event that SkunkWorks does not feel that we currently offer a class that will fit the student as of that semester, the parent or guardian will be refunded the tuition of the remaining lessons. Any session that the student participated in will not be refunded or registration fee.

This policy applies to all students in a new class, both current and new.


If a student wishes to drop a class, tuition refunds will only be allowed through September 22, 2019 (Fall Session) and January 31, 2020 (Spring Session) for 50% of the tuition remaining prorated tuition the day of cancellation.


On or after September 23, 2019 (Fall Session) and February 29, 2020 (Spring Session) no tuition refunds are allowed FOR ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. 

Valid tuition refund inquiries must be submitted IN WRITING in an email to with a clear explanation for why the student is dropping the class. 

The SkunkWorks' Director must approve all tuition refunds, so this process may upwards of a week to receive an approval. Any tuition refund back will come back to the payee in the payment form they paid initially.  


All students are highly encouraged to attend each class or rehearsal. Attendance is monumental to student growth and staff choreography.


If a student is going to miss a class we request that you call or email our office ASAP. Students are allowed to make up to 3 lessons per semester. Classes must be made up within the session they were missed.

We do not give refunds for missed classes. Missed classes may be made up in another class of the same level or lower level. 


To keep the Central Ave from traffic and congestion issues, we ask that you drop-off your child and enter through our back entrance. This drop-off area can be accessed at the alley entrance on Wilmette Ave between Jos. A Bank and Trendy Taco or on 11th St. 

Every SkunkWorks' student is only under the responsibility of SkunkWorks Dance during the exact duration of the class or rehearsal. For all locations except the Skokie Skatium, SkunkWorks staff will be at the studio space at least 15 minutes before the first class of the day begins, and they will stay for 15 minutes after the last class finishes for student pick-up.


At the Skokie Skatium, SkunkWorks staff will arrive on or before the time of class and is not obligated to stay past the end time of the class.


Any parent or guardian that picks up their student(s) after the last class of the day’s 15 minute free pick-up interval (included in all locations except Skokie Skatium) will incur a $10 late fee for every 10 minutes late. Late pick-up fees must be paid in cash, check, Chase QuickPay, Zelle or Venmo only.


Downtown Wilmette is a busy, vibrant and exciting area of retail, restaurants and now a dance studio! At SkunkWorks, we want to do our part in making sure traffic flows through out the Village Center area without added congestion. 

If you plan to park and come into the studio, we ask that you park in the free Burmeister, a 2 minute walk from our studio space, at 721 11th St, Wilmette. OR we ask that you park at either the Metra Burman Lot (4 minutes walking distance) or the Metra Poplar Ave Lot (5 minutes walking distance). The Metra Lots are free Weekday after 3pm and on Weekends, any other time the parking fee ranges from $2.00 - $2.50. 


As a dance school that values innovation and creating modern day opportunities for our dancers, the collaboration between photography, video and dance is a vibrant part of our SkunkWorks offerings. 

With the use of photo and videos comes important rules that protect our students and SkunkWorks intellectual property. One of which being that NO PHOTO OR VIDEO IS ALLOWED at SkunkWorks, outside of our own, unless you have been given permission by SkunkWorks staff. 

Click the button below to find out more about our "Photo & Video" policies!


It is the responsibility of the parent or adult student to be aware of the studio’s activities such as performances and dates the studio is open and closed.


The studio will post this information in the “Dates and Events” section under the “Registration” tab on the SkunkWorks’ website. There may also be announcements on SkunkWorks’ social media.


At SkunkWorks, we understand that as a youth dancer hard days do occur resulting in unusual and/or poor behavior. Therefore, we employ “The SkunkWorks Support Method” as a way to encourage each dancer in healthy self-reflection and second chances.

We see these moments as wonderful learning opportunities for the student to be introspective and thoughtful about their choices. We seek to embolden our dancers with the understanding that they have the power to change moments of conflict into positive resolution. Our goal is for every SkunkWorks student to come out of tough situations feeling proud that they were able to create change within themselves.


What food or drink can you bring to the studio? Can my child still dance if they are late to class? These questions and so many more are answered in our "Other Policies". 

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