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Have a young dancer (ages 4-10) excited to get moving?! We got you covered!

A lot of people know Skunkworks for our groundbreaking Intermediate - Advanced / Pro programs created for late elementary through college dancers! What you many not know though, is that we use take our exceptional quality, current approach to dance and limitless innovation to into creating extraordinary classes for young dancers (ages 4 - 10) too!

Scroll down to see some BEHIND THE SCENES videos from some of our Young Dancer classes! To learn more or register for our Winter / Spring 2021 session email info@skunkworksdance.com or call (847)787-7200.

This semester we are excited to offer a variety of classes for young dancers (including a brand NEW class for dancers ages 4-6) that cover multitude of styles! Within our Young Dancer classes our goal to keep students highly engaged through a variety creative exercises, games and fun dances they can perform at home.

One of the coolest things about this program is that each dance activity is rooted in strong foundations that help to build a healthy body, mind and spirit! Think broccoli covered in your favorite cheese - the student's don't even realize the brilliant techical skills they are learning because they are having so much FUN!

We attached a few videos below of some of our young dancer classes during Halloween! Keep reading to find out the backstory behind each video:

"The Superhero Chase!"

  1. CLIP 1 - In this class, Founder Jana Bennett is using the exciting imagery of being a superhero to explain the basic steps of a chase! SO MUCH FUN - We want to be a superhero too! At Skunkworks, our all Young Dancer teachers are trained with Skunkworks original curriculum and speciality teaching pedagogy developed by Jana that includes innovative ways to teach strong foundational techniques with a main focus on student engagement! Watch as Jana uses specific gestures and language to teach a dance step for multiple learning styles, and Skunkworks signature use of audio / verbal engaging the students through conversation.

"Breakdancing 101"

2. In this clip, you get to join Faculty Diamond Burdine as he finishes is class for the day allowing his student's perform their new dance "Breaking 101" as he Beatboxes the rhythms to their dance. While super fun, this dance is secretly very technical as it incorporates many of the Breakdancing skills these dancers had been working on that month. Make sure to watch till the end for one amazing move you will not want to miss!


3. CLIP 3 - This sweet class combination choreographed by Founder Jana Bennett was one full of JOY! When working with Young Dancers developing and supporting their passion for dance is our number one goal! At the beginning of this dance, Jana allowed each dancer to express their own artistic voice through improvisation, and then you see them go into the exciting combination the dancers had been working on for a few weeks! You can truly see their passion for dance shine through this video.

"Skeleton, Ghost, Monster, Pumpking and CANDY!!!"

4. CLIP 4 - In this young dancer class, we are using Halloween-themed words (it was the week before the holiday!) such as "Skeleton", "Ghost", "Monster", "Pumpkin"and "Candy" to explore textures in the body through guided improvisation. By watching this video can you guess what their favorite word / texture to embody is? CANDY! Of course. "Pirouettes"

5. CLIP 5 - In this Young Dancer class, Founder Jana Bennett continues to work with dancers on their pirouettes - a move that all dancers LOVE to learn! Notice the wonderful positive reinforcement Jana gives to each of the dancers when they master a concept, and the clear feedback given to help them to polish their skills. At Skunkworks, we have an originally developed pedagogy approach based in positivity and clarity in corrections. Every dancer feels seen, heard and safe in class mentally and physically allowing them to reach their full potential! This approach makes learning feel both attainable and FUN!

"Mummy Mash 1"

"Mummy Mash 2"

"Mummy Mash 3"

6. "MUMMY MASH 1, 2 & 3!" In this young dancer class, we are expanding on our musicality work by finding the downbeat the music and bringing it to life through the "Mummy Mash" game. As it was Halloween, we had the kids wrap themselves up in toilet paper to become a mummy and then at "Mummy Mash" they could only move on a certain beat of the song. Bringing musicality to life through games that incorporate dance, "costumes" and some great imagination skills truly light up the studio.

"The Halloween Combination"

7. CLIP 7 - In this young dancer class, Skunkworks Faculty Diamond Burdine taught the dancers an extra special (and fun) Halloween themed dance incorporating the skills and techniques the dancers has been learning for the last couple of weeks! They had a blast learning this dance.

"Let's Collaborate"

8. CLIP 8 - Finding ways our dancers can work together and create community is SO important to us especially right now! All of our Faculty is trained to bring in exciting tasks that allow our dancers collaborate, social and learn so much at the same time. In this clip, our young dancers are creating an 8-16 count dance with all of their movement on a particular level of their choosing.

9. CLIP 9 - This Young Dancer class LOVED floorwork, so Founder Jana Bennett created a particular class curriculum developed specifically for these dancers. Not only did they get to learn a multitude of different floorwork skills, but the Jana made it extra FUN by using gestures such as waving to help students know which arm to use and turned the skills into a combination the student's dance over and over again at home!

"Cartwheels and Handstands"

10. CLIP 10 - Faculty Diamond Burdine leads his dancers in exploring their head-tail connections through cartwheels and handstands! He made the skills that much more exciting by turning it into a handstand competition, and wow these young ones are pumped to see how long they can hold the inversion for!

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