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What is B-Roll?

As we patiently await our newest addition to the SkunkWorks dance film collection, let's dive into the question: what is B-Roll?

You have probably heard the term "B-Roll" before. It is pretty popular term within the film industry. But what does it even mean?

MasterClass defines B-Roll as,

"The secondary footage shot outside of the primary (or A-roll) footage. It is often spliced together with the main footage to bolster the story, create dramatic tension, or further illustrate a point."

For our upcoming film, B-Roll served an important role in connecting "the human" to the dance, bringing out the beauty of the innocence of youth and getting lost in a moment. See a fun behind the scenes clip of our dancers working on B-Roll footage from our recent shoot below!

To get more information on B-Roll visit MasterClass' article here: https://www.masterclass.com/articles/what-is-b-roll-footage-and-how-can-you-use-it#what-is-broll

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