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Unveiling The Skunkworks Magazine: A Celebration of Dance, Creativity, Inspiration, and Swifties!

The Skunkworks Magazine Fall 2024 The Tailored Dancers Department

Hello Skunkworks Community,

I'm thrilled to show you the unique features of our latest creation, the inaugural edition of The Skunkworks Magazine: The Tailored Dancers Department. This 26-page masterpiece, adorned with a captivating front and back cover, showcases 40 breathtaking photos of our Skunkworks Performance Program dancers and staff. It's a labor of love that required over 50 hours of dedicated effort. Get a sneak peek of this exclusive content on our Skunkworks Blog!

One thing you may or may not know about me is my passion for pushing the boundaries of dance.

Download your FREE Digital Copy of The Skunkworks Magazine HERE!

Skunkworks Dance Studio Wilmette Illinois

Whether crafting performances with original stories and innovative audience placement, rethinking how to teach dance steps, or providing opportunities for our dancers to perform beyond the stage through film and photography, I see dance as more than movement. To me, dance is a boundless creation.

Taylor Swift Dance Magazine Swifties

In this spirit, I conceived the idea for the first edition of The Skunkworks Magazine! This inspiration struck just as Taylor Swift announced her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department. Looking at the album art, I was astounded by how closely it resembled the concept behind our Winter/Spring 2024 Performance Program photoshoot — artsy, creative, and stunning black-and-white imagery. It seemed Taylor and I were on the same wavelength!

The Best Dance Studio in Evanston

When Chloe (our photographer) started sending me the edited photos from our shoot, I knew drawing inspiration from Taylor Swift’s album would be perfect for the magazine. I began experimenting with the images and text until they came to life. 

Taylor Swift The Tortured Poets Department Dancers

I wanted the magazine's edition title to echo Taylor’s album, and after much brainstorming, The Tailored Dancers Department emerged. It was both a homage to Taylor and a fitting description of who we are. At Skunkworks, we pride ourselves on “tailoring” every aspect of our program — from training and choreography to performance, catering to the needs of today’s professional dance industry and our students. This title captured that sentiment perfectly!

With my vision, title, and inspiration in place, the real fun — and hard work — of building the magazine began. Enjoy this blog post Unveiling The Skunkworks Magazine: A Celebration of Dance, Creativity, Inspiration, and Swifties!


Discover some of the unique aspects that make this magazine a must-read:

Best Dance Studio in the chicago north shore

Quotes from Our Dancers

Hearing from our dancers about why they love Skunkworks is genuinely heartwarming. Fourteen dancers are featured throughout the magazine, sharing their thoughts.

Here's one from Meir, a Performance Program dancer:

“SKUNKWORKS IS MY HOME! I love Skunkworks because, through dancing, I can express my emotions, thoughts, and experiences.”

Captivating Photography

best dance studio in wilmette
dance company chicago north shore
best dance studio in winnetka

The stunning photography of our Winter/Spring 2024 Performance Program dancers was captured by renowned dance photographer Chloe Hamilton (Hubbard Street, Visceral Dance Chicago), with movement direction by myself. Each photo captures the unique essence of our dancers, creating timeless pieces of art we will treasure for years to come.

contemporary dance hip hop dance ballet dance and improvisation in chicago north shore

Magazine Layout

I meticulously crafted a layout that complements the magazine's concepts and our studio's love for Contemporary Dance.

One of Contemporary Dance's brilliant aspects is its appreciation for asymmetry and unique architectural shapes. These elements are reflected in the magazine’s layout, from the photo shapes to the text boxes.

Information About Our Studio Program

Skunkworks offers various pathways for your child, from our popular Performance Program and studio company to our Classes Only option. The magazine provides detailed information about each offering, helping you make the best decision for your dancer.

best dance studio in chicago
competitive dance program in dance studio
dance classes for beginners


Swifties Easter Eggs

For Taylor Swift fans, these “The Tortured Poets Department” inspired details are sure to bring some joy:

best dance program in illinois

  • The Font: I worked diligently to find a font, placement, and size that parallels “The Tortured Poets Department,” giving the magazine a distinct typed look and aesthetic.

  • The Photo Boxes: On three pages, you'll notice architectural boxes around the photos, inspired by the cover of “The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology” album.

skunkworks dance faculty pre-professional dance studio
  • Layouts for “About The Companies” and “Meet The Faculty”: I meticulously created these boxed layouts line by line, drawing inspiration from Taylor’s vinyl variants and detailed album art. These took way more time to craft than I had expected!

  • Diagonal Font: The back cover and “Audition” page feature an interesting diagonal font pattern inspired by certain tracks on Taylor’s album.

  • Black and White: The entire magazine is in black and white. It was our first black-and-white shoot, and the monochromatic tones in the magazine reflect those used in Taylor’s latest album.

Fun Fact!

ballet dancer, contemporary dancer, dance photo, dance pose

Although our photography may seem inspired by Taylor Swift, the black-and-white concept and overall look of our photoshoot was planned and shot months before Taylor began promoting her latest album.

Great minds think alike, as they say!

To explore all these exciting elements and more, download your free digital copy of The Skunkworks Magazine or pick up a physical one at our studio in downtown Wilmette. Through this magazine, I hope to inspire you to see dance as more than just movement — a boundless form of artistic expression. 

Let this serve as a reminder to embrace and nurture your creative talents and explore the limitless possibilities within your art. We invite you to join us in celebrating the extraordinary world of dance and become a part of our vibrant Skunkworks community! 


Call to Action

Ready to dive into the world of Skunkworks Dance? Take advantage of our first edition of The Skunkworks Magazine: The Tailored Dancers Department!

  • Download Your Free Digital Copy: Click here to get instant access to the digital version of our magazine.

  • Pick Up a Physical Copy: Visit our downtown Wilmette studio to grab your beautifully printed edition.

  • Register for Fall 2024 Classes: Click here to learn more about our offerings and begin enrollment.

dance classes for dancers grades 2 - 12

Discover the unique artistry, passion, and creativity that make Skunkworks special. Whether you're a dancer, parent, or dance enthusiast, this magazine aims to inspire and motivate you to view dance as an endless expression. Discover your artistic potential and become part of our community as we celebrate dance's infinite possibilities.

Stay connected with us for more updates, and don’t forget to share your thoughts and favorite moments from the magazine. We can't wait to hear from you!

Article by Skunkworks Founder and Director Jana Bennett.

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