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Transformation Tuesday: Sean Rozanski

#transformationtuesdaySW This week's "Transformation Tuesday" comes from professional dancer and actor, Sean Rozanski! Hear about his journey from concert dance to musical theater below!

"This job has changed my life. In particular, I’ve learned so much being in professional dance companies, theatrical productions and going on tour. Growing up, I was never the one to worry about ballet/jazz technique, but being a part of this industry has opened my eyes and made me realize that hard work and consistency really pays off. I always make sure to take ballet and jazz almost every single day even when we were off contract. Dirty Dancing: While this show had a lot of choreography, it was the first one where completely shifted from concert dance to musical theatre. Not only was I training in dance but for the first time, I was also taking voice lessons and understudying an acting role. The Bodyguard This show was notable because I was excited to be able to use my concert dance skills in this show. I was a swing which meant I had to know five dance tracks plus an acting track! It was scary at first, but after while, it got better. Having to learn so many different roles made me feel powerful and helped me to realize that I can do anything that I put my mind to. West Side Story This job was very special to me because it was the first time that I played a leading role in a musical. In this popular show, I played the character Bernardo who was the lead of one of the two main gangs called the “Sharks”. My favorite dance number was “Dance at the Gym”. Every night that I performed this number I thought I was going throw up, but being so physical was enormously rewarding! I always felt satisfied once the scene was done. Mr. Monotony This amazing number I got to be a part of was choreographed by Jerome Robbins, and it was one of the hardest duets I have ever learned! I had to stay focused every second of the work because it was so partnering heavy. I will always remember this time as such a beautiful moment in my career that I will never forget! La Traviata This was the first time I’ve ever performed at, The Metropolitan Opera House. Fun Fact: Lorin Latarro who choreographed the work also choreographed, Waitress on broadway! Chicago This show was so awesome to do! Earlier in my professional career, I lived and worked in Chicago and so getting to be a part of this musical felt as if life had come full circle. I also found it cool that the choreographer/director, Marc Robins, started his career in Chicago as well!"

-Sean Rozanski

Do you have a story of how dance transformed your life? Send us your submission at blog@skunkworksdance.com!

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