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Transformation Tuesday || Kelly Todd

#TransformationTuesdaySW We are so honored to share the beautiful and honest dance transformation story of professional dancer, Kelly Todd. Kelly is a performer in NYC's acclaimed show "Sleep No More", and is currently in the creation process of a environmental dance film series.

Hear about how an intimate moment with an audience member during a performance was exactly what Kelly was needing at the moment, and her unique experience as a dancer within an immersive show in her Transformation Story below!

" The idea of dance changing my life only happened within the last five years. I was in an extremely low place - working through a very deep heartbreak, disappointed family members, the death of a pet, and just the overall grind of NYC. I was (and currently still am) performing at an immersive show, Sleep No More, when I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to pull myself together for this performance. If you haven’t heard about the show, it’s an interactive performance space where the audience roams around freely and the dancers and actors create this extremely personal, emotional space centered around the story of Macbeth.

I was about to do my one-on-one (a moment when the actor and audience member are alone) when I looked into my audience member’s eyes and we both just started to cry. It’s a moment I can’t really explain - being able to share an intimate moment with a stranger and feel a comfortable familiarity. They had been with me since the beginning of the show and made space for me when I absolutely needed. It was then that I realized why I perform and create. What I love about audience members is that we never know where they are coming from; what history they are carrying and what causes them to connect. But when you (as a performer and creator) can push the ego aside and allow yourself to fall into the story and more precisely, how you are feeling the story in that exact moment, then you crack the world and yourself open and let people in while creating a personal connection, even if it’s fleeting."

- Kelly Todd


Kelly Todd is a native of Houston, TX. She received a BFA in Modern Dance from Texas Christian University and a Double Minor in Biology and Environmental Science. Kelly has been featured in contemporary dance works by Robert Battle, Doris Humphrey, Kuperman Brothers, Sharon Eyal, zoe|juniper, Johannes Weiland and Punchdrunk. She currently performs with the critically-acclaimed, award winning off-broadway show Sleep No More. Along with performing, she also teaches Mindfulness and Sex Education at Waterfront Montessori School in Jersey City, NJ. Kelly’s choreography has been commissioned by renowned architect, Steven Holl and showcased in Texas, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Albuquerque and NYC. She has been awarded the Keshet Makers Space Residency and is currently a Fellowship Winner for LEIMAY. She is currently in development for an environmental dance film series, Under Review, which highlights the threatened American National Monuments that are threatened to be opened for industrial development. The first film in the series, Under Review: Gold Butte, was an official selection by The Human Impacts Institute and publicly on display from September - October 2018 for the Creative Climate Awards at the Taipei Cultural and Economic Center in Times Square, NY. The second film in the series, Under Review: Katahdin was awarded the Brooklyn Arts Fund Grant and the film is currently in pre-production.

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