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Transformation Tuesday | Erin Johnson

#TransformationTuesdaySW This weeks Dance Transformation Story comes from professional ballet dancer, Erin Johnson! Hear about her drive to push forward, battles with perfectionism and how she sees dance as so much more than just a career.

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"When I was 3 years old, my mom signed me up for ballet class to teach me how to listen to authority that wasn't either of my parents. I immediately fell in love... the music, the movement, the friends. Every once and a while I tend to reflect on how I ended up where I am today. I like to joke and say it's just because I never decided to quit, so here I am. But, I know it's more than that.

It's the countless hours I've put in at classes and rehearsals. It's the hours I've spent outside of class and rehearsal cross-training to be the stronger and better. There is always a thought in my mind that I could have done more work and put in more time. I think it's safe to say that dancers are some of the most critical people on the planet, and nothing they do is ever good enough. Although personal criticism can be destructive, dancing in the professional world has taught me, more than anything, how to work constructively when something isn't going the way you have imagined.

It's so easy to fall into downward spiral when casting isn't what you had hoped, when someone is favored over you, when you don't feel confident about a performance. The day I realized how to welcome gratitude into my work is the day my work changed for the better. Not only was I practicing gratitude inside the studio, but I found myself working differently in all aspects.

I feel so fortunate for the events in my life that led me to choose dance as a profession. Dance has transformed how I walk through life. Dance has taught me that I can choose my own destiny, but that timing is also a huge part of what comes your way. They always say that your work shouldn't define who you are, but I can't help but to see myself as dancer first, human second. Being in the studio is my therapy, my bloodlife. I can’t imagine who or what I would be without dance!"

-Erin Johnson, Dancer with Eugene Ballet Company

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Photo credit: Josh Brewster Photography, Colton West

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