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Transformation Tuesday: Ela Olarte

#transformationtuesdaySW This week's beautiful and raw transformation submission comes from professional contemporary dancer, Ela Olarte. The answer she sent in to us on how dance has transformed her life blew us away with her tenderness and honesty. It resonated with us greatly, and we hope it touches your heart too.

"Dance is my springboard to unbounded flow and connection. It is an unrelenting essence of my identity that comes back in long waves, subtly revealing its’ abundance. Dance is in the fleeting, sometimes painful, yet satisfying, jumping for joy moments. A place to show up everyday, even when you’re sore and don’t feel like it."

-Ela Olarte

Do you have a unique perspective on how dance has transformed your life? Short or long answers, we want to hear from you! Send us your story at blog@skunkworksdance.com! Hope to hear from you soon!

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Photo credit from left to right: Peter Marks, Katie Graves

Blog extras! Enjoy this amazing additional photos of Ela:

Photo credit left to right: Peter Marks, Cheryl Mann, Katie Graves

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