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The many benefits of dance.

#MondayMotivationSW In the joyous article "Is Dancing the Kale of Exercise?" published by The New York Times and written by author Marilyn Friedman, dance is credited with phenomenal anti-aging effects. From the obvious benefits such as improving coordination to the lessor known benefits such as increasing one's adaptability to change, the list of unique perks attributed to dance go on and on!

Here are some of the other advantages of dancing listed within the article:

- Associated with reduced risk of dementia

- Increased ability for learning and memory

- Improved balance

- Fighting muscle loss or imbalance

- Increased social skills

- Improved concentration

- Increased cognitive acuity

- Less stress

- Positive feelings

When discussing findings by Dr. Joe Verghese, lead author of the study and Chief of Geriatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the article states,

" He speculated that dance functions like an involved intellectual activity because it’s complex. Unlike walking on a treadmill, dance demands sustained mental effort to master new steps and requires coordination with a partner and the music."

While many dancers would remark that these observations seem obvious to any artist, this article provides more information to the many non-dancers who think of dance in a very elementary way.

Dance is one of the best activities a person could be doing for their body, mind and soul! Help us spread the word and get all of your friends into class. If only kale could taste this good!

Have you experienced special benefits from dancing? If so, we want to hear from you! Comment below or send us an email at blog@skunkworksdance.com!

Article Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/30/well/move/health-benefits-dancing.html

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