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Parkinson's disease, falling and why dance may help.

#mondaymotivationSW New research is supporting the assertion that dance is a helpful tool for people with Parkinson's Disease. In the article "Dancing Helps People With Parkinson's Disease" from Forbes, they cite that often one of the largest problems for people with this disease is falling. Article author Eva Amsen explains,

"Because their balance and movement are affected, people with Parkinson’s Disease are more likely to fall and hurt themselves, which in turn leads to higher cost of care. Dancing regularly gives people more control of their balance, and makes them less likely to fall."

In addition to coordination skills, the article also states that dance classes can also aid the Parkinson's community with social interaction and their mental well-being!

From our experience, dance can often be characterized as trivial to society, selfish or a hobby. Studies and articles like this one, further prove the extensive and comprehensive uses for dance within our world. This powerful art form is more than just for performance, aesthetics and personal gratification.

Article Link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/evaamsen/2019/04/30/dancing-helps-movement-for-people-with-parkinsons-disease/#20b588e54798

Do you know of anyone that has used dance or movement as a therapy for their disease? How did it help them? Do you think there are other diseases or ailments that dance could be of help with?

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