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New technology to combat stinky dance clothing!

#fridaysforfutureSW Science has given us a NEW solution for bad smelling dance and athletic clothing! Can we get a woot, woot! If are a dancer, we can guarantee that you have dealt with this problem. Synthetic fibers in sweat-wicking and performance fabrics get easily clogged with body oils and dirt causing awful odors even after a few wears.

As Drew Westervelt, founder of HEX Performance, states in the Washington Post, "More than 60 percent of today’s laundry is synthetic or blended fabrics, but traditional detergent was never designed to clean those fabrics — they were always focused on stain removal. But odors from bacteria, mold and mildew are now the real problem and they can’t be dealt with by simply covering them up with added fragrances."

Check out the rest of this phenomenal article from the Washington Post detailing the new detergents made specially for fitness clothing and how they are changing the detergent industry! Tell us what you think? Will you consider using the new detergents? We want to hear from you! https://wapo.st/2OCgrkY

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