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IN-STUDIO With Floor Fusion

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Get EXCITED for our new Monday video series "IN-STUDIO" where we feature behind the scenes footage from our Skunkworks original programming!!! First up, go upside down and roll around on the floor with Acro / Floor Fusion with the brilliant KC Bevis.

In this course, dancers explore ideas such as their head-tail connection, inversions, falling and floorwork patterns alongside important dance strengthening to develop a fusion of Acro / Floor based skills. Different from a traditional Acro class, this course is more focused on individualized movement patterns and developing a larger vocabulary of movement transitioning in and out of the floor.

As Skunkworks Faculty states, "Acro / Floorwork should feel good in your body!" We are all about natural and functional foundational training at Skunkworks that paves the way for a long and thriving future career in dance.

To learn more about Skunkworks groundbreaking programming, email or call (847)787-7200.

Video and Editing by the brilliant Skunkworks Faculty: Daniel Williams

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