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How dance is playing a significant role in rehabilitation at a juvenile detention center.

#FridaysForFutureSW This past January, The Harris County Juvenile Detention Center implemented an arts program with seven different courses, including dance! After almost five months of hip hop dancing to poetry slamming, the Harris County institution is sharing the incredible positive effect the arts curriculum had on their attendees.

Many of the youth assigned to detention centers come from extensive trauma-based backgrounds and unsafe family environments, consequentially programs like a dance class can be of immeasurable healing for them. Art therapist Kula Moore states within the Associated Press article,

"Trauma erodes our ability to trust or feel safe in our own bodies... The art process can really help to integrate the mind and body, to recognize the ways that you coped with this and are adaptive."

In the hip hop class at HCJDC, the column shares how the dance program helped a student who came in feeling moody to perk up and leave with significantly happier mood change.

With a multitude of high praise, Arts programs are being incorporated in to prison and detention centers more frequently. Through we would question with such positive feedback, are seven arts classes do enough for comprehensive rehabilitation? What are the steps for increasing the size of arts programming within these centers?

At SkunkWorks, we are full believers in the incredible power that the arts have to heal, open and rehabilitate humans from all backgrounds and constitutions. It warms our heart to see more arts classes like at HCJDC being implemented into general programming.

Now we want to hear from you! Do you think there needs to be more arts programs within juvenile detention centers and prisons? How has dance helped you to heal after trauma?

Article Link: https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Arts-Dance-Help-at-Harris-County-Juvenile-Detention-Center-510092091.html

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