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Does art education support academic achievement or are gifted students attracted to the arts?

#FridaysForFutureSW New studies are linking arts education to a student's success in school by a study lead by George Mason University and reported on in "The Week". The study stated,

"Those who experienced arts electives in middle school went on to earn significantly higher GPAs and higher standardized math and reading scores, and were less likely to get suspended from school, compared to students who were not exposed to arts classes."

Interestingly though, the article also presents other studies that have come to the conclusion that students who choose art education classes in school already are top academic achievers. Which poses the question do the arts influence a student's academic accomplishments or are higher achieving students attracted to the arts?

It is important to note that while in the George Mason University study found that overall the students that chose to study the arts had a pattern of educational success throughout their schooling prior to the arts programming, researchers concluded that their achievement after their art class had more to do with the skills they received from that class than their past academic history.

Article link: https://theweek.com/articles/830078/benefit-learning-arts-kid

What do you think? Do the arts support educational success or do high achieving students gravitate towards the arts? We want to hear from you! Comment below or send us and email at blog@skunkworksdance.com!

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