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New thoughts behind icing after injury

Every Friday is our #fridaysforfutureSW where we feature an Article of the Week that speaks to our slogan of "Radically Innovative Dance". Our goal is to provide you with information on the most current groundbreaking news related to dance.

This weeks article comes from The Chicago Tribune, and outlines new thoughts behind icing after an injury. It states, "by using ice to try to lessen inflammation, which is the immune system response to injury, you could also be reducing the activity of the cells that are promoting repair." http://bit.ly/2Fu6bIJ

Icing has played a large role in how dancer's have thought about healing for many years. Will this change the way you think about how you treat athletic injuries? And what have been your experiences with icing? We want to hear from you!

SkunkWorks Dance Photo Credit: Michelle Reid

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