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Could mind controlled exoskeletons be the future of dance?

#FridaysForFutureSW A great video by Elise Hu and NPR profiles the development of mind controlled exoskeletons most commonly being currently created for those who are paralyzed or without limbs.

See today's technology in action in the clip below where you can view Elise walking with robotic legs controlled fully by her mind!

In terms of dance, this new tech could potentially open up a world of movement that was not available to certain people before. It also could give unprecedented movement options due to different physical body of the exoskeleton.

This video also speaks to the telepathic super strength this technology could innovate, and so in many ways it feels as if the potential movement possibilities could be endless for dancers!

At SkunkWorks, we are psyched about this technology because of the possibilities it has to create a more inclusive and innovative dance scene.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think! Do you believe this mind control tech could be used within the dance industry? If so, how?

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