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Could AI replace the need for human dancers?

#thoughtfulthursdaySW This week's thought-provoking question (Could artificial intelligence replace the need for human dancers?) comes from the BBC. In their recent article, "Could a computer ever create art better than a human", they explore the ever-changing relationship between of artificial intelligence, computers and art. Could computers be capable of potentially creating art at least of equivalent or better quality to humans, and what is the place for AI within the art scene in the future?

While the idea of computers surpassing human artist abilities seems like it could be possible, article author Eleanor Lawrie writes,

"Dr. Lorenz points out that true artistic creativity differs from creative problem solving in that it requires a shift in perspective that machines do not appear to have the capacity for."

According to the article, it does not look like AI will threaten a human artist's job in the future. Though, Lawrie presents that AI might function as a great tool for artists to be more efficiency, creative or to even invent a whole new genre of art! How cool?!

This article does not discuss AI's potential effects on dance, but if computes can learn and be programmed to mimic visual art of a certain time period and genre, you would assume AI could be used the same way for dance. Which poses the question, how can dance use computer programming or AI to forward our art form? How will dance change with this new technology?

AI relationship to art is exciting to discuss and predict, but the truth is it is hard to know the future beholds and the changes that will occur. Until then, let's enjoy the innovative possibilities and tools that AI provides for art and use them to create something original and meaningful that this world can embrace.

BBC article link: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-47700701

We want to hear from you! Do you think AI could replace the role of human dancers within our society? In what ways could computer programs be used to help our favorite art form of dance? Comment below or send us an email at blog@skunkworksdance.com!

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