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Confidence creates clarity.

"While hesitation in a duet creates doubt and uncertainty for both dance partners, confidence creates clarity."

A great piece of advice from SkunkWorks Dance founder, Jana Bennett! She explained, "During my dance career, there has been many a times where I have had to dance with a partner. One of the hardest things to do when working with another person is predicting the choices they are going to make in the moment. Dancing is always a live experienced art. This means that even if you know the choreography, how you and your partner interpret the music in the moment or enter into a movement can be different each time. When working with a partner you are constantly having to listen and predict their choices so you can respond in the best way for the duet. I have personally found, when my partner or I enters into the duet hesitantly, it can be really hard to listen or understand the choices the other dancer is making and this can cause a lot of confusion between the two of us. On the other hand, if we both enter the dance confidently, we can easily read and react to each other. Even if one of us accidentally gets excited and moves on an entirely different music cue for example, if done confidently, it's easy for the other dancer to understand that shift sooner and react in an appropriate and confident way back. It's like having a clear conversation versus beating around the bush. Confidence really creates clarity."

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