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"Does the rapid digitization of images reduce the experience you have. Is it reductive? Or does it expand the meaning that experience and object in entirely new form thereby reaching millions of people outside of the physical space who can never physically come to the museum."

- JaiJai Fei, Former Digital Director of the Guggenheim Museum

New blog post on the insightful and thought provoking Ted Talk given by JaiJai Fei on the shifts within art in the social media digital world. She states,

“So in the pre-digital photography era the message was this is what I’m seeing, I have seen. And today the message is I was there.”

While our art forms differ in physical application, there are a lot of interesting parallels between the visual art and dance that we can learn from and relate to as dancers. In this new time period revolving around “I came. I saw. I selfied,” how is dance being influenced by today’s technological changes?

What are your thoughts on the changes of dance or art in general in a digital and social media world? Does the shifts happening within the visual art world, from your perspective, relate to what is going on in the dance industry? We want to hear from you!

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