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A school teacher's class that completely transformed with dance.

#mondaymotivationSW “As I implemented the dance, they feel free to tell me whatever is bothering them.”

Turn the Monday blues upside down with this uplifting BBC video profiling how Sackey Percy, a creative arts teacher out of Ghana, implemented dance actively into his classes and the transformation that occurred!

As many dancers understand, this magical art form brings together the physical and emotional being which in turn, creates an open vulnerability and a door to ones soul. From this video, you can see how dance has created a special, safe and trusting environment allowing his students to be more open with their thoughts and feelings. If only more school programs could embrace dance and the arts in the way this incredible teacher has, think of the new world of possibilities of open communication that could occur.

Does your school have a dance program or a way of incorporating dance into the curriculum? How as a dance studio or company can we help to bring dance into the mainstream in youth education programs?

Do you have an uplifting “Radicially Innovative Dance” story that needs to be shared? Submit your story, video, etc. to us at blog@skunkworksdance.com!

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