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A contemporary dance show with a video game twist!

#sundayfundaySW A fun and innovative contemporary dance show is drawing it's inspiration from popular video games from the past such as Mario Bros or Fortnite!

Dancer Mark Kunji Ikeda states, "As the video game systems grow in complexity, we use more complex movement. Starting with slow, simple movement done at the same time, the evolution of movement progresses into challenging lifts and tricks that are sure to make you wonder if they really do have power-up abilities."

The whimsical show titled “8 Bit: The Video Dance Game Show” revolves around the two performers, Mark Kunji Ikeda and Richard Lee Hsi, who get stuck in a video game where they have to dance for their lives. According to Taylor Ritchie of “The YY Scene”, gaming story plot has given the choreographers and dancers a unique lens to explore topics such as,

“Teamwork, anger management, and gender politics in the gaming community – asking questions such as: Can you be friends with people you’ve never met; and are there certain expectations of other online gamers?”

A refreshing new twist to the traditional dance show! Read more about the piece in this article here! http://theyyscene.com/2019/04/17/from-pong-to-politics-8-bit-the-video-game-dance-show-explores-social-issues-with-movement-and-humour/

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SkunkWorks Dance image background is the poster for "8 Bit: The Video Game Dance Show"

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