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A ballet company engages their audience in a whole new way!

#SundayFundaySW The Fort Wayne Ballet is employing a new method to engage and involve audiences in the creation process of their work! For a ballet premiere, the company had choreographer David Ingram select a few songs that the pubic voted on to narrowed down to their favorite music choice for the company's new work. In the end, they chose "Aheym" by Kronos Quartet.

The Journal Gazette article states,

"Ingram admits that 'Aheym' would not have been his first choice but says he's excited for the challenge."

With immersive art and interactive platforms such as social media becoming more popular, connecting to your audience has become extremely important to organizations across all genres. Many dance companies, like The Fort Wayne Ballet, are particularly in more difficult situation when trying to engage with their followers because dance traditionally is performed in a proscenium setting where the audience is often quite disconnected from the performance.

By engaging with the public through music selection, Fort Wayne Ballet is creating a new way to encourage their audience to be participants in their artistic creation that would often be done without any outside personnel interaction.

We love the way this builds a stronger relationship between audience and dance company, but we want to hear from you! What do you think? Would you allow the public to choose a song for a new work for your studio or professional company? What other approaches do you use to engage your followers in dance?

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Article Link: http://www.journalgazette.net/features/20190517/choreographer-adheres-to-voice-of-the-people

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