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3 Free Online Ballet Classes for All Levels: Enhance Your Technique at Home This Summer

3 Free Online Ballet Classes for All Levels: Enhance Your Technique at Home This Summer

I hope your summer is going spectacularly!

We’re excited to bring you three new, FREE ballet classes, which you can easily find on YouTube.

Last time, we shared our favorite online improvisation classes (if you missed it, you can find that post here). Today, we’re diving into a Skunkworks foundational favorite: ballet!

Ballet is not just a dance form, it's a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. It's a beautiful art form that enhances grace, strength, and discipline. Whether you’re looking to refine your skills, stay in shape, or simply enjoy the brilliance of ballet, these online classes are perfect.

So, clear some space, put on your ballet shoes or socks, and get started with these fantastic free ballet classes you can enjoy at home this summer!


Ballet Classes

(You Can Take at Home for FREE!)

1. 60-min Ballet Class with Peter Boal at Pacific Northwest Ballet

Enjoy this exceptional class led by Peter Boal, Artistic Director of the renowned Pacific Northwest Ballet. He offers an outstanding Intermediate/Advanced class featuring a comprehensive barre routine and a concise center practice. The class includes excellent demonstrations by company dancers Elle Macy, Dylan Wald, and Cecilia Iliesiu, making it a valuable resource for honing your ballet technique.

2. Ballet Class (Video 1: Ballet Barre) & (Video 2: Center Work) | Dutch National Ballet

For this "video," I’ve included links to two videos, giving you a complete class with both barre and center work! Dario Elia, a Dutch National Ballet Academy teacher, leads this class series. Although the class is labeled as beginner, I would say it runs more at an intermediate level. Dance along with some of Dario's students and enjoy your class!

Fun Fact: I have taken numerous classes that the accompanist featured in this video, Paul James Lewis, has played for! Go, Paul!

3. Beginner Ballet Barre | At Home Ballet Class Workout | Kathryn Morgan

Are you looking for a great online beginner class? Look no further than this fantastic ballet barre series created and demonstrated by Kathryn Morgan. She takes you through all the essential exercises slowly and clearly, perfect for beginners. Kathryn even demonstrates the class at home, ensuring the combinations can be performed in a small space!


Happy Summer Improving!

Skunkworks Dance presents online ballet classes for beginning dancers, intermediate dancers and advanced dancers

We hope these free online ballet classes inspire you to keep dancing and improving your technique this summer. With these fantastic resources, you can stay active, refine your skills, and enjoy the beauty of ballet from the comfort of your home.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for our upcoming posts, where we’ll be sharing more curated lists of free Contemporary, Ballet, and Hip Hop classes!

At Skunkworks, we’re dedicated to supporting your growth and passion, even during the summer break. We're excited to announce that our Fall 2024 classes are now open for registration—see our Ballet class options below and join us for an enriching dance experience!

We’d love to hear about your experience if you try any of these classes! Share your dance journey with us on social media using #SkunkworksDance. Comment below!

Keep dancing, stay inspired, and enjoy the rest of your summer!


Skunkworks Dance Fall 2024 Ballet Classes

Wednesday 6:30 - 8:00pm Ballet | Founder Jana

Dancers must be grades 7+ and have Director permission to enroll.

Thursday 4:15 - 5:45pm Ballet | Julia

Dancers must be grades 3+ and have Director permission to enroll.

Thursday 7:15 - 8:30pm Ballet | Julia

Dancers must be grades 7+ and have Director permission to enroll.

Click here to secure your spot and continue your dance journey with Skunkworks Dance.

Article by Skunkworks Dance Founder and Director Jana Bennett.

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