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Thanksgiving: Our 2020 Thank You's

From our Founder and Director, Jana Bennett:

"Dear Skunkworks Student, Parents and Supporters,

As we near the end of 2020, this special Thanksgiving break allows us to look back and share gratitude for the community, organizations and people that allow us to thrive.

At the beginning of the year, we were a start-up with a mission to reinvent, innovate and inspire. Building a budding dance studio with a groundbreaking vision provided us enough excitement for a normal business season. Add in a 8-month plus ongoing global pandemic to the mix, and this became a year none of us ever could have anticipated.

When I reflect back on this unprecedented time though, I’m left with a warm heart and enormous amount of appreciation for every person that has been a part of our Skunkworks Family and helped us thrive within the face of adversity.

So without further ado, our Skunkworks Dance 2020 Thank You’s:

- Thank you to all the passionate, curious and brilliant young artists that have made Skunkworks their home this year. We love you - keep exploring and taking risks! You are our inspiration.

- Thank you to the parents and families that support their student’s studies at Skunkworks. Without mom’s organizational skills, dad’s fast transport or a sibling’s willingness to learn a dance from class, the magic at Skunkworks would cease to exist.

- Thank you to our incredible Adult Dancers who have been a huge part of Skunkworks support team - whether it was helping to get the permit for our current studio home or spreading the word within the local community when no one knew we existed. We have not forgotten about you all and look forward to bringing back our vibrant Adult Dance program when we are through this COVID tunnel.

- Thank you to our Y.A.W. members and Skunkworks Company and/or Crew dancers. Your energy and love for dance is at the heart of our studio. Oh the places you will go…

- Thank you to our early students, parents and supporters that were with us during the days of no mirrors and bare bones. We all have to start somewhere, and in the end we were reminded that all you truly need is some great dancing and excited young movers.

- Thank you to our audiences, people that have attended our shows, watched our videos and championed us from afar. Every like, share, comment and show seat filled means the world to us no matter how “little” it may feel.

- Thank you to ATC and Plaza Del Lago for inviting us into your home generously and allowing us to create Skunkworks Pop-Ups within your space.

- Thank you for the warm welcome and support from the Wilmette / Kenilworth Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, local businesses like Hubba-Hubba, YMCA Shop For Good, Big Tomato and many others for your consistent encouragement.

- Thank you to the Wilmette and neighboring community(es) for embracing Skunkworks with kindness and enthusiasm.

- Thank you to the WBDC, Score, ICNC and organizations for your business mentorship. Your guidance has helped us to set up a strong foundation as an organization, so we can make it through this unique time period.

- Thank you to our Skunkworks staff and faculty for unending adoration for education, dance and mentorship. Your collaboration, creativity and willingness to persevere in what can feel like an ending roller coaster for the arts is everything.

- Thank you to those directly closest to me, my friends and family who have provided a platform to bounce ideas off of, an ear when needed and a socially distanced hug always.

- Thank you to my parents - Hank and Linda and my husband, Brad, for your infinite love and devotion. Whether it’s administratively, as a handyman or becoming a teaching approach sounding board, these three are always here for Skunkworks and myself in front and behind the scenes. Skunkworks would not be alive without you three.

And to every other person who has provided some sort of support no matter how small, we thank you graciously at Skunkworks. It truly takes a village and we are here to stay.

With much love,

Jana Bennett

Founder and Director, Skunkworks Dance"

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