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Watch 'Montage': Skunkworks Dance Film Premiere & 10 Improvisation Prompts for Creating Your Dance Films

We are filled with anticipation as we announce the official online premiere of our dance short film, “Montage.” This stunning creation, a testament to the exceptional talent of our Winter/Spring 2024 Y.A.W. and E.T.A. Performance Programs, is a result of our dancers' and staff’s hard work and dedication. We are bursting with pride and can't wait to share this with you. Click the link above to see this incredible dance short!

This one-of-a-kind film, a product of our Winter/Spring 2024 Y.A.W. and E.T.A. Performance Programs, is a true celebration of the beauty of solo-body improvisation. Each dancer's contribution is a serene and captivating movement, weaving together to create a mesmerizing dance sequence. Join us in admiring this artistic achievement, born out of prompted improvisation.

Skunkworks Dance performance program dance film montage

Watch the film, be inspired, and enjoy!

At Skunkworks Dance, we firmly believe that everyone has the potential to create beautiful dance films. That's why we're thrilled to open the doors to our process. Now, you can embark on your own dance film journey from the comfort of your home! All you need is a camera and your body.

To kickstart your creative journey, here are ten improvisation prompts designed to inspire and elevate your at-home dance film experience!


10 Improvisation Prompts for Creating Your Dance Films

Water flow, 10 Improvisation Prompts

1. Water Flow

Move as if your body is flowing like water, smoothly and continuously.

Mirror image, 10 Prompts for dance films

2. Mirror Image

Perform movements as if looking at your reflection in a mirror.

broken doll, 10 Prompts for dance film

3. Broken Doll

Move with jerky, mechanical motions like a broken doll coming to life.

depth perception, 10 Prompts for dance for camera

4. Depth Perception

Play with depth, moving your body as close to the camera and as far away as possible.

The Viewer Eye, 10 Improvisation Prompts for Professional Dancers

5. The Viewer Eye

Try close-ups of movement to direct the lenses and viewer's eye to one part of the movement, like a finger dance or eye shifting.

Turn Play, Want to create a dance film

6. Turn Play

Spiraling and turning often create energy in a film’s frame. Try pirouetting and whirling yourself around to see how it looks on camera.

explosion, how to create a dance film

7. Explosion and Implosion

Alternate between expanding outwards explosively and contracting inwardly.

slow motion, how to make a dance for camera

8. Slow Motion and Timing

Perform your movements in extremely slow motion, emphasizing every detail, then vary your movement timing.

repetition, 10 Improvisation Prompts for a dancer and dance video

9. Repetition

Create movements that echo or repeat with slight variations.

move the camera, 10 Improv Prompts for contemporary dancers

10. Move The Camera

Play with holding the camera and moving it around as you dance.


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We're bubbling with excitement about the premiere of “Montage.” This film is a joyous celebration of our dancers' creativity, dedication, and the magic of improvisation. As you watch the movie, let the brilliance of our talented dancers and staff inspire you. Let this artistic achievement ignite a spark in you to embark on your own dance film journey at home.

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Are you ready to embark on your dance film adventure?

Grab a camera and dive into the ten improvisation prompts we've shared. We're eagerly anticipating the unique creations you'll bring to life!


Call to Action

1. Watch “Montage” Now: See above or click HERE to watch our beautiful dance short film.

2. Share Your Dance Films: Use the prompts provided and share your creations with us on social media using #SkunkworksDance or send them to

3. Stay Connected: Follow us on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook @skunkworksdance for more inspiration and updates.

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Thank you for being a part of our Skunkworks Dance community. Let's continue to celebrate and create beautiful art together!

Article by Skunkworks Dance Founder and Director Jana Bennett.

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