1. Parents and/or guardians of the student(s) ​must complete a short COVID-19 Screen Questionnaire via DocuSign every day​ while attending Skunkworks Dance. 

  • A student without a completed form WILL NOT be allowed into the studio​.


2. If your dancer or anyone within your household has had ​a fever in the past 72-hours, please do not bring your child to class.


3. If your dancer is ​not feeling unwell in any way, please keep them home.


4. All students, faculty and staff must wear a mask at all times in-studio including entering, exiting and while dancing.

  • All students are required to have an adequate supply of clean masks for usage at the studio.

  • A clean mask is required for each day.




1. Students must arrive EARLY to classes and rehearsal

  • Doors will open approximately 5 minutes before class

  • Students will be let in one at a time to maintain physical distancing


 2. Doors will close and students WILL NOT be allowed to enter once the class has begun

  • It is imperative that our staff be able to supervise students as they enter the studio for the safety of our dancers and staff. For that reason, we will not be able to accept anyone who is late to class.


3. Dancers must wait outside the studio (socially distanced at least 6-feet apart) until Skunkworks faculty greets and escorts the student into the studio on an individual basis.


4. Parents, siblings, friends, etc. will not be allowed into the studio at this time for the safety of all dancers and Skunkworks’ staff.


5. Dancers must arrive in dance wear for the day and abide by the dress code for each class. Changing at the studio will not be allowed.


6. Dancers will be required to sanitize hands before entering and when leaving the studio.


7. Dancers should only bring necessary items to class (shoes, water, keys, phone)

  • All dancers must bring their own water bottle with their name clearly marked on it.


8. Upon entering, dancers will be directed to place all their items in a designated bin including shoes.


9. Cell Phones will be required to be stored away and used for emergency use only while at the studio.



1. We will have sectioned off at spaces in the studio for each dancer to stand in during class.


2. We will refrain from doing any partnering activities or group activities that puts students under 6ft of distance from each other


3. Staff will only use verbal communication, corrections and feedback.


4. Classes will be very limited in size of enrollment to follow state, local and CDC guidelines.

  • When we enter a new phase with new guidelines, there might be changes of numbers of participants. All spots are based on first come, first serve if numbers change in either direction.


5. All Skunkworks classes, rehearsals and other events will end 5-minutes early to allow for students to gather their items and wipe down their bins.

  • Any barre, item, bin or item touched by a student will receive an extensive secondary cleaning from a Skunkworks staff member before any further use




1. Parents and Guardians must pick up or arrange for student pick up at the exact time that classes and rehearsals end. 

  • Due to the need for extensive cleaning, we are not able to have the students stay within the building after their class or rehearsal ends.




1. All waiting areas will be closed until further federal, state and local guidance is provided.


2. Since the lobbies are closed and parents are asked to refrain from entering the building, we will continue to utilize our website, email and social media to share important information with you.




1. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Staff will return calls and emails as soon as possible.

  • Call (847)787-7200

  • Email ​info@skunkworksdance.com

  • Any excused absence, late arrival, etc. must be reported at least 30 minutes before the intensive or lab begins.

  • Any excused Y.A.W. or Pre-Y.A.W. absence must be reported at least 2 weeks before the class or rehearsal date.

  • In case of an emergency, knock on the “front” door on Central Street.




If you think your student may have COVID-19, was exposed to COVID-19 or was diagnosed positive with COVID-19 , please notify us right away by email at info@skunkworksdance.com. 


Quarantine Rules | When can my student return to in-person learning?


  1. In the case the student had an EXPOSURE to someone with COVID-19 (family, friend, classmate, at school, etc.) that student can return back to Skunkworks in-person after one following:

    1. After day 10 without testing and no symptoms within those 10 days

    2. After day 7 after receiving a negative test result (test must occur on day 5 or later) and no symptoms within those 7 days

    3. If a student presents COVID-19 symptoms, the student should get tested right away.

      1. If the test presents a negative, see directives above.


  1. In the case that the student tests POSITIVE for COVID-19, the student can return back to Skunkworks in-person after ALL of the following criteria are met:

    1. At least 10 days since symptoms first appeared AND

    2. At least 24 hours with no fever without fever-reducing medication AND

    3. Other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving


In the case of any sort of quarantine, students are welcome to join their classes (optional) and required to participate in their Performance Program rehearsals within our virtual platform. No REFUNDS will be awarded for missed class or rehearsal time due to quarantine or sickness.




While it is our goal to stay In-Person throughout the session, we feel it is important that we address the possibility that we might have to go virtual due to CDC, state and local guidelines. 


If Skunkworks Dance (not the individual student) pivots to VIRTUAL for 3 or less consecutive weeks, then the requirements will remain as stated. Classes and rehearsals will maintain their normal schedules, lengths, times and durations on our virtual learning platform. All rehearsals will be required, but classes will be optional for the student to attend. Though any student that chooses not to attend class, will NOT be reimbursed for the missed class time. 


If Skunkworks Dance (not the individual student) pivots to VIRTUAL for more than 4 consecutive weeks, then the following changes to program requirements will occur: At the start of the fourth consecutive week that Skunkworks Dance is conducting full virtual classes and rehearsals, the length of class and/or rehearsal will be adjusted to half of the regular scheduled time. Students will be expected to attend their normal rehearsals at the adjusted times. Classes once again will be optional, missed classes will not be not be reimbursed for any amount other than what is listed below.


All Skunkworks Students MUST RETURN to their full schedule once we are back to IN-PERSON learning. A 50% refund will then be applied only to the weeks in virtual training at the start of the fourth consecutive week to the end of the consecutive virtual period. Any refund along the guidelines listed above will be issued before July 1, 2021 within the payment tender the tuition was originally paid.




Students are encouraged to NOT miss class except for an emergency or sickness. Consistent class attendance is imperative to a students growth and ability to feel at their best in class. We highly recommend scheduling doctors appointments, family events and other outings outside of Skunkworks class time. If a student misses more than 4 classes per session, the student may be asked to forfeit enrollment without tuition return. 




Within Skunkworks, there will be a variety of projects and experiences for students to be involved with based on the student's readiness, skill set, Skunkworks’ needs and other factors as determined by the studio. As is typical within pre-professional training programs, some will be open to all students, some by audition and others by invitation only.




It is the responsibility of the parent or Adult Student to be aware of the studio’s activities such as performances and dates the studio is open and closed. Important dates will be communicated through email and on the website as the semester unfolds. 




Skunkworks Dance or any of their staff is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Due to current COVID circumstances, any personal property left AFTER THE DAY HAS ENDED WILL BE THROWN OUT!




By signing this agreement, I’m acknowledging that I understand that especially during this uncertain time, policies and guidelines may change. My student, family and I agree to abide by all policies and guidelines if they change and understand it is my responsibility to read emails and keep track on the Skunkworks’ website for changing policies. 




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