Help us practice safe
photo and video usage.


 Photo and video is only allowed by SkunkWorks staff and faculty.  If a student, parent, guardian or friend wishes to take a photo or video during any point at SkunkWorks Dance,  they must receive permission from a SkunkWorks onsite staff member first. SkunkWorks’ staff can choose to deny a request for a photo or video for any reason at any time. 


If a photo or video request is granted by SkunkWorks staff, the student, parent, guardian or friend may post the video on Instagram or Facebook,  ONLY WITH THE FOLLOWING CREDITS:  “This photo or video was taken at SkunkWorks Dance. Class taught by __________ (or ‘choreographed by ___________’ if applicable).” If photo or video is of choreography, the combination’s music and choreographer must be credited as well!  Whenever possible, tag SkunkWorks Dance. Failure to credit or tag may result in immediate removal requirement from SkunkWorks Dance. 


SkunkWorks reserves the right to require any student, parent, guardian or friend to remove photo or video, even if they have received permission to take or post, for any reason and without cause. Failure to remove photo or video within a timely manner can result in the individual’s photo / video permission privileges revoked or immediate student expulsion from SkunkWorks Dance, among other unlisted penalties.


Every SkunkWorks' student (parent or guardian when under 18) signs multiple photo and video waivers to support their safety and our own intellectual property rights. 

If you have any additional questions about our photo and video policies and/or agreements, send us an email at



P (847)787-7200

1111 Central Ave (Village Center)

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All main photos unless otherwise credited, were taken and edited by Chloe Hamilton. 

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